Monday, October 31, 2011

Sad day in the Garden

Today is a sad day in garden.  It's the day I remove all the ceramic gnomes, rabbits, frogs and other things from the garden and store them for the winter.  I dismantled the solar lights, yanked out trellis's, packed away lawn furniture and cushions into storage.  Even though the sun was shinning and warm the take down always brings a feeling of melancholy.  A bittersweet end. My patio looks so empty now - no more fountains and lights to stare at in the dark.  Nothing but cold rock waiting for the snow of Winter and the bite of frost.

Now is the time to move bird feeders to the now quiet garden bed.  Hang new feeders and clean up the old ones.  Its time to fill the suet holders.

I mowed the lawn today.  Most likely for the last time.  No more tracking freshly cut grass into the house.  Now its just dead leaves clinging to my boots.

This week I'll take the screens off the windows.  Pack away the rest of the Summer furniture and bring the snow shovel to the door.  Good bye Summer - See ya next year - when the air is warmer and nights are longer.

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