Monday, June 6, 2016

Spring 2016

It's been a while since I posted anything but today we'll start with some new pictures and a fresh post.  We had a mild Winter this year (2015/2016) and the garden grew quickly.  I was able to get my tomatoes and herbs planted a full week before Memorial Day, which is pretty good for VT as some years I can't even plant until after MD. 

I didn't get fancy this year with growing my own veggie or plant starts.  I purchased most everything from First Season wholesale grower in Vt on the Button Bay road.  Its a pretty run down looking place but the  prices are right and plants are good.

I purchased 12 tomato plants and some herbs there.  This year I plan on lining the rows in between the plants with newspaper , I'm hoping this will cut the weeds down and help to keep the moisture in the soil.  I know this is a good way to kill weeds or sod and unless I find info that counters this idea I intend to move ahead on that.

I took some photos of the flowers in the main perennial bed Saturday night.  They are dark but the flowers pop well enough. A little preview of whats going on.

This is an Iris rhizome that I purchased from Schreiner's Iris farm.  I don't have the name handy.  The top petals are more of a light blue lavender then what they show here.

A rose from the six dollar busted rose bush I purchased a few years ago at Lowes.  It amazes me every year.  I can't believe how big it has grown and how full it is every year.  The blooms have the best rose/mint scent. I only wished it bloomed all Summer.

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